Tulla United

Founded 1970

Co. Clare


          Constitution of Tulla United A.F.C.

  • The official name of the Club is Tulla United A.F.C.
  • The Club colours are Royal Blue and White.
  • The Club will be administered by an Executive Committee which will be voted in once yearly by paid-up members at the Club's Annual General Meeting. The list of Officers elected shall be as follows- President, Vice President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Designated Child Safety Officer, and eight Trustees. All nominations for the Executive positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and PRO should be with the Secretary of the Club in writing at least one week before the date of the AGM.
  • The day to day management affairs of the Club will be overseen by the Management Committee which will be made up of the Executive Members along with nominated Club Members as may be determined from year to year at the Club's A.G.M and this Management Committee will hold meetings every month to discuss such day-to-day affairs.
  • The eight trustees (as detailed on the appendix) duly appointed and ratified by the members of the Club in General Meeting whilst holding office will hold all property in trust for the Club Members until each shall retire or die. The following Annual General Meeting to any Trustee retiring or dying, a new Trustee is to be appointed in that Trustee's place at the next Annual General Meeting by the Club members.
  • The aim of the Club is to promote, foster and develop the game of Association Football in Tulla and the surrounding areas.
  • Membership of the Club is open to those that accept the aims and ideals of the Club. The Committee shall have the power to refuse to accept the application of anyone if, in the opinion of the Committee, such persons/person's parents/person's guardians previous behaviour/misconduct warrants such a refusal. The Club shall comply at all times with the Principles of Natural Justice in any investigation.
  • All prospective members must agree to abide by the rules.
  • Only fully paid-up members are eligible to represent the Club in competitive matches.
  • The Club shall have an annual membership subscription which will be ratified for the year at the Club's AGM.
  • The Club does not accept liability for any loss incurred or injury sustained by participating members.
  • A levy is to be paid by each selected player to cover referees expenses.
  • The Club will pay any fines imposed on its members but the members may be required to reimburse the Club.
  • The appointment of a Captain is the responsibility of a Manager.
  • The Executive committee shall have the power to investigate any matter and to expel, suspend, warn, fine or disqualify members/parents/guardians/other users from Club activities or the premises for breach of the Club's Constitution, our Codes of Good Practice and/or Rules. The Club shall comply at all times with the Principles of Natural Justice in any investigation.
  • The Committee shall have power to fill any casual vacancy which may occur in any position in the Club.
  • A special General Meeting will be called if a requisition, signed by not less than ten members, accompanied by a fee of €100 to cover expenses is received by the Secretary. The Meeting shall be convened within 14 days of receipt of such a requisition and 7 days notice shall be given to each member.
  • Only fully paid-up members are entitled to vote at meetings. The effective date for membership of the Club shall run from the date of the A.G.M. to the date of the A.G.M. of the next year.
  • Tulla United A.F.C. is hereby authorised to borrow money whereby all such powers to borrow money will be vested in the Trustees of the Club who will act for and on behalf of Tulla United A.F.C. Any such borrowing must in the first instance be agreed unanimously by the Trustees and secondly approved by the majority of the members of the Club in General Meeting. Furthermore, the Club authorises the said Trustees to mortgage or charge its property and in so doing to execute any such documentation as may be required by a Bank/Building Society/Financial Institution or any person or Body lending money to the Club.
  • Tulla United AFC is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of its members .Every individual in the Club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of Tulla United AFC and the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Policy Guidelines, Tulla Soccer Club.
  • The Committee shall have the power to deal, as it sees fit, with any matter concerning the Club not otherwise mentioned within these aforementioned rules.

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